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t<> the ligature of arteries. The fame of Hunter's successful

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fected others with variola or varioloid, and vice versa, appear due to

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they should be aide to make ev^ry observed case har-

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It is my judgment that we would have had many times this number

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and in two cases, at least, it has resulted in marked im-

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Lock, Clinical Demonstration and Operations, 1 p.m. —

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gress for Internal Medicine in Munich, claims for his method of

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When the ulcer is not very painful, and the pulse is feeble, you will

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Rickets is seldom seen in active progress after the age of three years,

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rmd de montagne. Thus the respirations are notably increased,

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materials that our country can afford, and in the very

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of self and of external objects was from the side of the lesion towards the

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trine of the 'Dispensatory of the United States* (Wood and Bache), but it is

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aspects, the pallid skin, the oedematous feet, hands and face, the de-

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nineteenth century. Unfortunately many countries are not so well

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found he could make a noise, and immediately spoke to his compan-

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attention. It sometimes happened that scientific wit-

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189U, xxxi, 200. — Rontier (A.) Epithelioma priiuitif de

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degree. The results which he obtained were: that with chlorine and with

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my connection with the oral education of the deaf, that

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be a psychoneurosis, that is, their mind may be disturb-

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