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relation, and independent of it. A disease which has appeared and spread
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durchCliinin. Beil. klin.Wchuschr., 1888, xxv,843; 1065.—
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CASE 7. Lateral sinus pycemia, extension into superior longitudinal sinus.
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then stained in iron-lack hematoxylin. This method gives satisfactory results
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taining scolices in the manner described for the mother cyst. Very rarely in
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intiTval of about 20 days before the mouse was infected by the fleas in
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200 drops, dissolved in water, in the course of the day.
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seemed much more comfortable than he could have been
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4th, 5th, and 6th days of July were the assizes held at Oxon,
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John Z. Bowers, M. D., Madison: arthritis James Conley, M. D., Milwaukee: surgery
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of a young man who in the evening had been taken with
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grandfather, and aft'ected six children, the offspring of three of the above
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have been treated in these hospitals, with a loss by death of only 718, or 3
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of the neutralization of a hemolytic serum with certain salt solu-
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occurred in a girl, aged nine, who had also had ear disease, and who was
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influence, yet not with acute symptoms, and in a temperate sub-
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sylvania, who taught absolute non-interference in natural labor. I do not use
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be the dyspnoea, the palpitation on exertion, the arterial and
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has collected 8 and Fitz 3 additional cases from the literature of the
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auditory canal with very hot water is not only a pain relieving,
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spots were merely red and inflamed, others scorched to a hard transparent
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method are absolute rest for some weeks, seclusion from friends, letters,
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The essential condition to the production of lung fibrosis is long-
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laudanum to each ounce of camphor liniment for this disagreeable
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carcinoma uteri. She passed the menopause at forty-eight,
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cystotomy, done for cystitis, by removing the evils
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of work published in the same report, which is indicated in the
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cases of malarial coma, especially in those of very abrupt onset, or
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