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of greater dimensions, perhaps, than exists in any other pursuit you

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impunity, distressing formication, and ophthalmic irritation

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and uniform methods could be adopted and be carried out without fear

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full inflation of the lungs, and it will be increased if the animal

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tampon the wound itself — that is , to press with the finger the

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diet, what shall we give her?" I answered: "Oh, most

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Our medical practice must be tempered by the realization

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has also been shown by Dr. Edward Smith*' that in cases of phthisis

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with shreds or small masses of curdy lymph. I have, however, some-

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Rpt, 1944, Ft Benning Regional Hosp; An Rpts, 1945,

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my experience in the use of remedies given in the so-called

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India, to form a correct opinion of the nature of the epidemic, and

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some no change was discoverable. While these organs

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their high office. In evidence of this is the statue itself,

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become rigidly joined by the osteoblasts. The divergent views of

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fact that every person of forty years of age can perhaps count ten of

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other work may be required of him, has a hearty breakfast

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have been erected. Much attentioa has been paid to the ques-

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But even if as many as a hundred new drugs and prepa-

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— This paper was read by Dr. H. W. Longyear, of Detroit.

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I P.M. — Great Northern, 2 P.M. — London Surgical

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six illustrations. Philadelphia, Blanchard & Lea, 1856.

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November, when she was suddenly attacked about six in the

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account inclined to admit that I was wrong in performing the old operation, and

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oooasionai chilliness, pains in the back and loins, great prostration, Ian-

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other evil habit or feeling which brings misfortune in its

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check on the left side, extending backwards as far as the last

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and while this is true in a very small number of cases, it should be remem-

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with the spirit of lavender, is capable of producing the following effects,

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another one, on the point of a knife, how much Arsenic he

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by interrupting the pernicious action of heat upon the tissues, and that they

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jacent tissue, first with the finger and afterwards with the

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The following guides and manuals are available without cost upon request to the State Medical

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