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;oda and finally placed on a steam table for sterilization. Such precautions

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from a patient with healthy supra-renal capsules, and convinced him-

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and the distension is rendered permanent by changes in the tex-

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and duration. It may present all the characters ei the ddiritua of

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to me that conservatism should rule. It would do no harm to open the abdomen

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cent discount from hotel bills, congenial professional company, and an en-

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even that of the short and of the flat bones is poor in haematoblasts

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of the uterine contractions. 2 If these are weak or absent the attendant

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thoracic complications he recommends : Tinct. bella-

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now uses it as a prophylactic, heated to a temperature

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•absolutely useless, as the people know well that repayment is never insisted

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cerebral anaemia may throw some light on those of neurasthenia will be

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plugged with firm adherent masses of fibrine. The greater

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any therapeutical agent known ; as compared with mer-

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in the natural position, but directly the leg is moved it turns

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culars, we should in effect ignore the first principle of rational

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This was operated on, the intestine loosened from the abdominal wall and

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