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Finally I mention toxemia of early pregnancy as the fifth
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in his antecedents to be recorded except that he was
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female the apex lies internal to the psoas muscle as
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long and carefully-written article on this subject, which is
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fever, the importance of the latter being emphasised by the recent addi-
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Nervous Insomnia, Nervous Headache. Irrit-abilihy or
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bear abrupt and great changes in atmospheric pressure. Without
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ceptibly, and has existed for a greater or less jx^riod before its manifesta-
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plains of headache, and rarely admits its existence even when
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was red and very thin, while the base of the tumor was surrounded by a
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erkandl, and Gruber to be by no means uncommon and to be
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utility but for the pleasure of those engaged in it. Poe-
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spoonful of turpentine has been mixed. These applications should
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tion, may take place after the division of a nerve of considerable size. Dis-
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the hand than in the arm, and in the limbs than in the central
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be uncleanly so that it would be unpleasant to the exam-
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died last March, aged forty-two years. Her clinical history,
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the hospital and passed into the unknown field outside the hospital, from
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1884 2.s.,iv,l. . Sur la temperature dans la fifevre ty-
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Ibid., 1887-8, xxvii, 545-5.54. Also, Reprint. . Ex-
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cd by Lord Althorp,) the Irish Infinna- sion ; signs which the wise and prudent
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lotion. After use the instruments are boiled at home. Some
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In the " Conclusion '' Dr. Copeman says, " I trust the compila-
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director, and a large staff of skilled assistants, amoug
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liver, which still further continues the dislocation downwards.
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though believing himself to be otherwise — suggesting the
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it is stated that there was an increase in the menstrual flow, either in the form
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It is with the profoundest regret that we chronicle the
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the consulting pathologists, and they submitted a re-
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M. Bouilly, in view of the double rupture, resected the
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alleviate the headache; but it is not a good plan to use

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