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but practising it when other means fail to check the
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were prepared and sent to the Surgeon General in order to enable him
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nomycosis may resemble lupus and the lesions in the tongue may be
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the mother at the same time. The daily dose of .5 gram of
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tions. Dr. O. Hewitt adds the caution that the discharge may
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aid, when she is suffering sorely for her weakness.
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tinued until February, when unpolished rice was substituted
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lecture halls and laboratories limber their joints and
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the Medical Acts Amendment Bill, and to report to the Council
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affects chiefly the anterior horns of gray matter, especially in the cervical
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lesion uniformly displayed in the body, dead after passing through an
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d. Aerzte in Steieruiark 1887, Graz, 1888. xxiv, 21-29.—
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early part of the administrations of the anesthetic, before the
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enlarged. The osteopathies of acromegaly have been studied on the living
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the details of the nerve fiber, except the medullary sheath.
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nogram was repeated. If the results of recordings were still
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Must Report Smallpox Cases.— The first meeting of the
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And, again, with reference to the use of astringents,
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speaker has recently analyzed 129 cases of this disease, all
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mentioned hereafter, a question arose as to whether the practice of opium-
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dose of medicine, returns to barracks, and appears in the
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Flexner and Harris. Johns Hopkins Bulletin, 1897, 8, p. 259.
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the invasion of the pia mater, but he found it less
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used empirically, and that they have great value ; but would
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[Conditions of vision of the enlisted men of tlie Blaclc
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