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These fine openings are only the air cells cut across, and in their

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evolved the original idea of drawing a picture of "the

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pitting edema of both ankles and legs. The cardiologist felt that

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mic or in obese, flabby women. And I consider intra-

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the usual points in ulcer of the stomach very distinctly. All occurred

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treated with spectinomycin 2 gm. intramuscularly as a

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as to diminish its diameter, or to effect its obliteration, by just

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normally, was brought to the hospital for pain in the left

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types of the same disease-process — a process modified in particular

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every sense a safe text-book to place in the hands of the student and

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ities referred to were in reality of malarial origin. The doubt is

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Myriapoda, Scorpions, etc. — The sting of European varieties is com-

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to act by coming in contact with the affected parts. This remedy is oftei

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tends to exert a preventive action on the manifestations

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alkalinity of the blood which have been noted in various diseases and

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sible to enucleate the tumor and replace the nerve strands

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gated by the help of the laryngoscope. The aphonia or the hoarse-

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the American Medical Association this month. This has been occasioned

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''•■"I the I'll ihoulder-ioinl the swelling extended into the axilla and down the

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Kingston. Papers Avill be read also by Dr. T. G. Roddick, of

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OF THE HIP. With the Reduction of lh« Dlflooaiien by Hie VlaziM Mrtfcgi WHk

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In the absence of pathological data we are reduced in scarla-

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remarks hold good in the case of the pain and tumour. It is sometimes

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again, and the ulcer is renewed. It takes place principally in the feet and

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the event, but the Governor followed the advice of the majority

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uses the differential calculus, if Mr. Brooke would return to

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management of this institution, which was considerably in

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