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shu«, however, which these latter take in the inflammatory process, has
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the little ones were hushed as the father, rising from the chair, lifted the thimble
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16051-1608. — Ci'ivitiaiii (A.) Epilessia .iacksoniana da
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/.'. - ■/. That the PRESIDENT of the New York State Medical Associ-
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this manner at the result that a man in half an hour ijave off
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changes in the heart. The pulse is that of ordinary fever.
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Operative cures and recoveries. 270, or 95.4 per cent.
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air, causing emphysema of the lungs. It may exist to such an ex-
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of water on him, and he would gel up and proceed on his march.
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sugar in food; frozen food; moldy or musty hay and fodder;
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rally supplied." * * * * " Never before, in the history
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service in the diagnosis of an aortic aneurysm. If the aortic valve
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ceeding two days, or taken to some hospital or other
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144: 144th Evacuation Hospital, PO Box 8000, Salt Lake City 84108.
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through which, ploughing up the substance of the liver, it j>asse<l
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suggestion. This method adds genuine mental rest to the ordinary
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that blood taken from an inferior animal could be transfused
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had seen mitral regurgitations which seemed to be of
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tain the established relations of fa rs, the tendency of certain
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are frequently more uneven than those of the liver abscess; in places,
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Agency (EPA) recommended that all homes in the nation be
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the petrous bone, and during scraping of the roof of the antrum there
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When used, it should be kept up for weeks, even months-
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under surface of the lid will tell the story as to the existence of a foreign
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Adhesions between the tube and ovary and the appendix may occur, the morbid
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of formulae as applicable to the cure of certain diseases, as if
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8, 1894, complaining of pains all over the body. The family
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last issue, the ophthalmic surgeons have been vieing with
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the identification of the abortion bacillus. The only one of the para-
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of muscles, shooting and burning pains in the limbs, Tiumb-
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The treatment varies with the cause. Antiphlogistic measures and counter-
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Transplantation has been attempted, but prior to 1912, when

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