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smoking rather than the images projected in tobacco advertising.
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able, according to the age of the patient. It is not
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tine from the caecum to ilie rectosigmoid to mobilize very fully that
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of 30 meshes to the linear inch, in 15 cc.=o.5_/!J of distilled water con-
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tition and respiration. This, it seems, is essentially
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him a lively jerk, and he will soon obey without the use of the
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elements enter into its composition. Kossmann (^^) seeks to
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a glass. One of these, dried and burnt, gave forth a garlicky odour.
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Professor Frejka, of Brno, Czechoslovakia, described this
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a fiHform soft bougie (No. 3 Fr.). in my office, fairly
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This may be given as a powder or preferably in the form of a pill,
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Treatment when no doctor will be available. — After bleeding has
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in the Castlegate, put in a petition to the principal and to " the
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able that from the onset there is simply a new growth of connective tissue
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cloth ; alcohol should never be applied for the purpose of cleansing the
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and then use a simple astringent consisting of one grain of crea-
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very seriously ill to his friends. An exacerbation or aggra-
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besion. Interlobular emphysema* existed throughout the lungs, whicl.
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Boll. d. Soc. raed.-chir. di Pavia, Milano, 1889, no. 2, 17.—
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the will retains a limited and temporary influence. Sometimes the
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ralgia. Strychnia may be given internally, or applied locally upon a blistered
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Motility is first impaired, then lost ; sensibility de-
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tive influence of cow-pox, by sending abroad thousands of
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quickly . . . the significance of a particular symptom, the
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decided tendency to frequent slight bleeding from the lips or gums
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on the nature of the disease. They show that the inHauniiaticm is
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married woman, aged sixty-five, who was under his care. Her
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secretion of gastric acid, that I cannot sufficiently recommend the due adminis-

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