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the use of the drug mercury in ophthalmic practice and that

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tradictory accounts have been circulated. Numbers have ex

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general paralysis of the insane and sometimes in cerebral


eradication can be advised. Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson has

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sadness not communicated. Entertain hopes mirth rather

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slighter degree the pancreas only exceptionally. No

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disappeared until indeed the disease is thoroughly cured. They

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ble breathing cold clammy sweats a feeble running pulse great thirst

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turbances in the nutritive processes of the eye. Some authors

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require for the preservation of health is scarcely to

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the constitution of the patient. To diminish the excitability of other

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thoroughly washed out and the dura mater not opened.

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because the subject has not received the attention at

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minutes of the Regents of the University of California

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The nervous temperament is manifested by agitation and ex

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healing of the wound. In a large number of cases however

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early appearance of hepatic symptoms and the absence of signs of

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whole length like the covering of a cigar. After the covering is thoroughly

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to read it and they will prove themselves doubly myopic if they

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results may be disastrous. In infantile convulsions

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