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the duodenum there is abundance of glucose, but little or even no starch.

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appeared, to the great satisfaction of all, and no one present

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general chemical composition of the urine . ...... 334

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Liniments, the Vapour Bath, Electricity and Galvanism, and a multi-

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Aspergillus niger. Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 3, No. 1, p. 49-52.

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Dreyfus affaire has been the occasion of serious disturbances

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the drug to a sufficient amount of water and agitating. In case of

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a diminished function. The salt, nitrogen and other

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juries, and in which, therefore, this operation might naturally suggest itself,

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school and college life. She had alwayB been anxious about the health

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or at least its edges will be sufficiently adherent to retain the

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power of guiding the needle, and turners are unable to move the lathe

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dently the result of much patient observation, by an inde-

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small amount of alkaline water in the morning, etc.), iron, and

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children, one of the houses, which was by for inferior to the

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that the oxygenated muriatic gas will deprive them, as well

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continued, and the child died in 7 days from operation.

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amount that will sustain him without suflFering. Give him

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way in which this is done is a perfect literary tri-

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In the second series, containing 39 cases, the sac was

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rather more effect; — a more dense precipitation.

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in the case of a strong young man, in whom persistent vomiting

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contest appear in the January, 1959, issue of the Mis-

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gastric contents, to exclude the presence of alcohol introduced from

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Miiiic little time. I have stopped all anti-rheumatic rem-

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taken." The remedy was certainly calculated to induce sleep, but it

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under consideration, this i)lan demands that a practi-

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