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for women. In man it may in time cause a stricture of the urethra,

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distribution, and large breasts (in the male). The influence

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iron. Kerrison had a chronic case which yielded to powerful doses of

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County (SIR=3.81, 95% CL=1.74 and 7.24), and for the

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assumed a different aspect. First R. Pfeiffer and then Beck and

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Th omson, W., F.R.C.S. The Germ Theory of Phthisis Verified

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The vigor and vitality of Green's Pathology are excellent evi-

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bundle, correctly named by Wernicke, lies on the latero-

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or in one or both orbiculares palpebrarum ; or in other facial

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defraying the expenses of the meetings; he will obtain in re-

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the marked diuresis occurred. The striking thing is that in a

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insurance carrier of this fact, and also the general

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explains, the gas has to be decomposed by the heat of the

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