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body. In eight left-handed persons the right limb alone was moved. These

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have all recovered without even a fistula. It is mar-

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or even thirty drops, according to the age and vigour of the patient, every

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The margin of the eyelid may be inverted in part of its

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symptomatic treatment. A carbolic or lysol eczema in a surgeon

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of jaundice, especially of acute cases and those of short duration. The

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nective-tissue surrounding the nodule is embryonal in character ; later it

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in six of my cases, and more than normal in only one. Changes of shape

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state from that of hepatization, because the lungs may, in this case, be made

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shape and rose-red tint as before. Vini Antimon. gi ; Aq. gvj. M. §i to be

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is conservative to abandon the remedy, for we can not accept both the

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from the diseased surfaces, and consequently the suffering of

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multiformity and frequent latency of the disease. It must not be sup-

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ulcer or subcutaneous abscess without evidence of lung involvement.

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gouty arthritis is seen clinically. Norman Moore has brought this out

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We have a glimpse of the rough-and-ready tone of the youth of the

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officers for the ensuing year are elected. The following members were

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injections of strychnia, the voice was heard at ten feet,

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hand, a fiesh brush with a little flour interposed to prevent

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4z-<szs<-^ , ^Zt^l^c-^L ^a^LZc^lLr~ <Cc<l- a- d^Z?^ c r/ f

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My friend, Dr. Phelps, reports a case of a fellow-student

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found mentioned in the literature, and of these nearly one-

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Spencer's surgery, and if any carelessness was attributable

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dicate that the utilization of calcium and iron in the body is mor

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Strangers hasten into houses, all the inmates of which had

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fitted at the bottom with a gauze India-rubber inflatable

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Hot Climates and Health. — A question of great practical im-

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