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while the presence of albumen and casts created a presumption in

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The aqueous appeared slightly hazy. I then proceeded to the

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prolapse of the urethra. The new operation consists in making

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Baptiste Village 18 deaths; Cote St. Louis, 18; St. Cunegonde,

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common practice. That many remedial agents now in use

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Medical Association, of which he was once president, also a member

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thalmologic Surgeon to the Sisters of Charity, the Erie County, and

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orbit, while the lower one is simply steadied in place, to prevent

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father, Dr. James Vaughan, was an eminent physician at Leicester, who had five

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scream or cry ; and from that time his nights were as quiet as

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died in 1869. He married (second) Alice Linsley Hall, who survives

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The treatment of eczema being often a most baffling and

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through short December days, is rapidly hastening to its close,

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' numbers two Cesarean secticuis among his achievements.

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where with his brother, Dr. Joseph Walsh, he had a place in Vir-

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spondence between Dr. Hughes and Dr. Martiny, delegate to the

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which do not present to the student of medicine at least one

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of similar features ? The answer is that of microscopical anat-

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ican Medical Association, and member of the New York County

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anterior portion, and pushed upward and backward so as to avoid

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other aliment must be resorted to. Just what this shall be, has

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cal advice, they find their fears only too well grounded.

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day of the rather sulphurically-minded writer. New York : 30

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and into its cavity the superimposed structures gravitate. . . .

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certainly represent to the author's mind something much more

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breweries for the company, and was later employed by

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sembles an incision, a sort of button-hole-like slit with retmited

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by him at the Royal University of Ireland, in 1906, gained the dis-

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voluntary and accidental cases of poisoning are used. These

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istry" (Putnam's Sons, 1889) ; "Manual of Differential Medical Diag-

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will do our best to show this doubt to be ill-founded, if not pre-

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many stools light yellow, others of a cinnamon color ; no pain

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the present edition may be looked upon as a book of to-day.

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