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injury. It is possible that in a subject of ordinary vigor, a mild pur-

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from palpitation ; can lie a little on his right side ; but little

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functional disturbances through the agency of the nervous

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and complete, so that all the blood is squeezed out of the

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April 8th, and was buried in his home toMm Monday of this week. Dr.

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HOLSKE, M. D., Clinical Surgery and Surgical Pathology ;

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resolution occurs recovery may be complete, but frequently the pia mater

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ever, when we cast a look back at his articles published twelve

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sell pork sausage for horse sausage, which for some

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loud at base of the heart; a very soft blowing sound accom-

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dren. To a member of the committee it seemed that the teachers of the

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fracture and so far as could be ascertained a primary

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enema; the leukocytes rose from 7,C00 to 17,000. The blood-

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37, 1818 with 180 dry days 62 suicides. In 1817 there

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of the general practitioner in these disorders. It is not with

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tuberculosis, the spirillum of syphilis, the gonococcus, and the

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particularly to be noted that in many instances in which gummata are

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taking a small quantity of stimuli, such as brandy, &c. The second night

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Medical Association, it will be found that several sections of the former are simi-

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teeth, their structure, their functions, their diseases and their

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situ for from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. By resorting

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would not have done as well without the calomel. As a rule I do not

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diet, such as pure milk, as also during abstinence from food, some oxalate

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Physiologists are of accord that it is accompanied by a diminished blood-

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of the Paris Exposition to Messrs. William R. Warner & Co., of Philadelphia, New

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has been going on for some time, banners and ovals are quite numerous ; this

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