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dr. 3 times a day. Dandelion has cured liver complaints
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came after this. In a short time the face and other parts became
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must reach the bladder wall by lymphatics, blood-stream, or direct
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which does not affect the general plan to any extent.
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Treatment. — A bsolute rest to the voice , and keep the
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nition. The first of these, paralysis of the " recurrent " due to
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enzyme. The following experiments indicate though they do not
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lead makers, etc. Iodide of potassium is said to act as a specific,
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If in consequence of the exposure of large body superfi-
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23, 1877, in the West Bromwich Hospital. There were
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breaker, and sank back again to lethargy. Subsequently (but
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Therefore threads are to be introduced into tvro needles, and one of these held
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population. We have to remember, however, in the first place, that
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4rank at one time. Retching and vomiting, unless present at the first, are
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the secretion of milk not only independently of pregnancy, but in men as well as in
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rung der lirechendeli Flachen im Auge. Arch. f. d. ges.
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that he is deceived, and of this the patient may generally be convinced if
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behind, with the lesser and greater pits to receive them, in
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Fig. 28. — Pulse from a child suffering from tubercular meningitis which has assumed the bisferiens type under
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may be used every half hour or hour until relief is obtained. Bismuth
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" test^teeth." Not only are they much smaller than usual, but they are
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vastly exceeds digitalis in its diuretic action. The
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within a few days the colour returns. It is then put up in a
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sue, partly because owing to the existence of muscular
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fragments of bone could be detected until the finger was inserted
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of Health and of Sanitary Inspectors (Inspectors of Nuisances)
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Practical Utilization and Choice of the Quantitative Meth-
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the last quarter of a Cf ntury, and especially since the
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lactic substances have been proposed. The best substitutes are a few
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1986 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants.
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Carbonic oxide.— The noxious effects of the vapour of burning charcoal art
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continue to apjjear for two or three days. Occasionally, how-
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her tenth clilld. She had borne five living childen, had aborted
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F. ova/^tica» one of the fimbriae of the Fallopian
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clotting time is just as great when preformed thrombin is added in
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munity, should be manipulated and treated with foreign sub-
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given to the hygienic surroundings of the child, its bath, its outdoor life, its exercise,
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Dr. Gibant had seen two excisions of the elbow and two of the knee both suc-

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