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Nathaniel W. Appleton, William Baylies, Benjamin Curtis,
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laration is published, signed by about two hundred and fifty
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tion, as simple intestinal strangulation in a hernial sac never gives a
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constriction of practically all the vessels developed rapidly and
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bing with soap and water is necessary for a dirty skin, but needless
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and refuse to feed, the flesh quickly wasting ; great sores appear
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Bronson, William Thaddeus A-, r> vrI^ Un ' v - N - Y -' ' 9S Danbury.
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recommendations to the board in accordance with his
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e vend sectd extracto non appareat in superjicio crusta alba,
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Before undertaking to find the injured vessel in the bottom of
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period ending with 1894, and the reports of deaths made
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is taken to cure an actual attack of malarial fever; (2) those cases iu
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dilated right heart, and dropsy. The presystolic murmur was,
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Concrete sehorrhwci, or greasy crusts of the scalp, is the second type
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and two daughters, Mrs. George (Mary) Yancy, Oshkosh,
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Nature herself evacuate the humours, was considered second to no
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ver, and it generally produced the very best results. In several cases, the
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on a filter-paper which has been saturated with oxy-
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wait longer. At the end of five hours the growth is very palpable.
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We subjoin a " pen and ink portrait" of him, by one who has fol-
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years having elapsed since operation; that three more enjoyed a period of

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