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required to determine the extent of the usefulness of abstracting heat from
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serum of its anti-tissue potency so far as to render it harmless in
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ration lot, being 1 : 16.95 and 1: 4.95, respectively, for the small intes-
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I cially those given for nondementing conditions). Re-
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according to another, there is an intra-uterine destruction of the tissues of
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evidence either tliat the aphasia is not purely amnesic, or that there is im-
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ject in the turning chair must fix his gaze accurately after each turn-
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Misce: fiat mist. cuj. sumat, coch. ij. ampla urgente nausea vel flatu,
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causing the Northern practitioner settling in the South to double
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Bacon's alchemical works also attributes his release to Raymond.
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trict properly protected against smallpox and not to any
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strument for its application. By Dr. G. Hewitt, (pp. 27-30.)
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whole of the disease had not been removed. The ideal
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mentioned hereafter, a question arose as to whether the practice of opium-
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disease, when there were no symptoms present, cannot be taken into account,
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logue of the muscular and deformity conditions found in hip
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chloride spray was employed, rendering the introduc-
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blood-stained, but evidently nothing i)assed from uterus. Some herpes
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rally for lying in this position. She should be rolled from one
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Dr. Philip Bassclt, ColcJwstcr, Pres. Censors — Dr. Calvin Howard,
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ages it has been noted that the fevers due to P. malarice and P. vivax
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Both boric acid and benzoic acid are useful adjuvants to the treatment of
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March 18, 1890. — Irving ( 5. ) Improved process for
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earthly suffering, This was a very affecting case, and
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phorized pollard, and about 200 lbs. of white phosphorus were sold
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larynx and trachea (icithout fluctuation); dyspnoea and dysphagia
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York City; 9 Lakeside Building, 218-220 S. Clark St, Chicago. .
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inch, and it was then discovered that a second strangula-
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grave operation until simple methods had been tried. I had a similar
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during his sickness were nervous exhaustion, pulmonary nisarc-

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