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ened age, shall be curable, greatly alleviating and palliating what

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whole of the disease had not been removed. The ideal

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may be fairly claimed as evidence that Shakespeare was quite

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or less paralysis, more or less difficulty of speech, and

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planation of so-called " functional " murmurs in general.

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profession had written little about aggression. Yet there was a

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The possibility exists that the typhoid infection acts as a stimulus to the

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an abscess or extensive adhesions. The tinkling high-pitched character

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Lister. William Jeaffreson, of Eramlingham, was the

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Dr. Lowman thinks this indicates a lower average pro-

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any benefit from lavage of the stomach in these cases.

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100. — Phillips (L.) Notesonethernarcosis. Med.Times

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border of the patella, and the patient had been discharged well

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Temperature of the rectum, 16 minutes after death,* 40**.25 C, 104°.4 F.; the temperature

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the time mentioned must necessarily have been obliged to

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and higher m one Any error in this latter comparison dne to differences

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meet at \'ashington in special session within ten days

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the disease were tried with tuberculin provided the temperature

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ter. They drank surface-water or water from tanks near their

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the medical editor, solicits and screens all scientific, special and soundings articles. The chair provides leadership for the

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In examining urine the chemical test is not sufficient; may find casts without

dhea in food

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cretion. It also masks the unpleasant taste of the oiL

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primary union. Anaesthesia of the anterior half of the lower

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found which could possibly account for the symptoms.

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delirium are sometimes all found, but the onset of the disease

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rectly caused the apoplexy, and that a medical man,

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