those extracted from organic substances, we would be led to
with other matters, so ])resscd upon my lime during the late epi-
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In the mouse the fibers from the sympathetic to these glands
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The seizure is marked by pain which, in the great majority of cases, is
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found to be best borne. Alcoholic stimulnnts may be given per enema^
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identical to the motor root in figure 1 9. Also the area of degenerated
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tive s^anptoms, all practitioners of much experience are familiar. Such
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^lone after their section, either it becomes diffused, or the posi-
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This compared in size with the strands which enter the mule's
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and of the members on the other side, has been observed. This eccentri-
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jn the Enfflish language. — American Journal of Syphilo-
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as essential, under these circumstances, when I arrived in
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would expect it to be associated with the vital functions. It
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branquios estudiados por el autor, jimto con los hechos previa-
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at 2.30 P.M., and at 4.50 p.m. the patient died. The operation in the fourth
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no morbid sound heard in it ; but whenever an aneurism is so
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28 Approximately longitudinal section through the trigeminal roots, semi-
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which reference has been made repeatedly in the foregoing pages, is espe-
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agitated. He said, " I feel nervous, but it will pass off in a moment."
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Yellow fever associated with remittent fever claims the employment of
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highly magnified so that every particle of degenerated myelin could be accurately
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during which time I watched with the utmost anxiety for any
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typhus or typhoid fever. They are oftener and earliei; indicated in t3'phus
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merit of being readable nnd interesting, while it pre-
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limb is in a great measure owing to the elevation of the pelvis.
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permanently, as a rule. It is impossible to judge beforehand of the degree
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trigeminal motor nucleus or root. It will be seen from figure 18
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order to leave room to dwell particularly on his seventh chap-
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The sections were cut 18 m and 20 m thick, so that the processes
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general application. Of the 1G8 cases, death took place in 99 during the
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paratively speaking, a rare disease, but the contracted kidney is b3^ no
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urethra, whether it be traumatic or symptomatic of disease, it comes
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Art. XX. — Researches on the Symptoms and Diagnosisof Aneu-
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supimration. In other organs, if it occur, there is still some
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period varying from a few moments to half an hour, having wiped the
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and which, in circumstances like these, especially has a strong
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to progress, and the remainder to retrograde, or, in other words,
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position of a few of these cells is indicated in figure 7.
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periodical, and there was no improbability in the coexistence of
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they may be, are inappreciable to our senses, or by any means
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tive of neuritis. In most cases, neuritis is due to the presence of a foreign
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pleasure to express his deep gratitude to Dr. Todd.
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appears to be a valuable remedy in the treatment of this disease. This
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fore the occurrence of coma, remissions occur, in which the improvement,
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The fact that the nerve is situated in a position so diflScult
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ing, respiration abdominal, forty-eight in the minute, dull sound
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the vibratory motion of the fluid in this portion of the tube,
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drachms ; chloride of lime half a drachm. One-fourth to be used
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Stage of Eruption. — This stage, in children, is sometimes ushered in
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one case. In but one of the cases was there diflficulty in urination, and
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cases. In order to establish a pathological connection between different
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Clinical History. — The duration of the access or forming stage is

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