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sunstroke (insolatio) must be taken into consideration. This shows

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There is no dark hero to be found in the " Iliad," and all the women and

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a growtli outside of the larynx proper. It is somewhat peculiar

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a counteraction to that effect, and produces its effects from another cause, and of course of

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to wash out the cavity from the opening above, which had

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and a large defect in the wall of the left ventricle. [m.b.t.J

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the cream is made of the proper consistency, and of

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ing finger was first entered. The needle was now detached. Next,

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patient is dropping to sleep or waking, but subsequently constant, comes

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(carbonic-acid poisoning), the temperature sometimes rising to an

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urinary canals present such an appearance it may even macroscopically be

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with Spencer standard supe- s,jj,e, Al)l>e condenser and

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thereby lessen the mortality from the immediate effects of the opei 1-

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days and heal rapidly. We are very rarely obliged to touch the ulcers

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cated classes, is surprised to find himself placed by

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the whole period, has enabled me in some measure to

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fever patients, entbrces the importance of measures of prophylaxis. oi»d-

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seated, perhaps involving the synovial membrane of the occipito-

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In more serious sprains of the foot, the recovery re-

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Dr. L. £. Neale had a case which he was not able to

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uterus through the vagina, and vaginal amputation with supra-

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castration, but what is generally known as Battey's operation. He reports forty-

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members in so far as the insurance regulated by this

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Dr. Charles J. Kipp, of Newark, N. J., reports Four Cases of Sar-

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intoxication and in the lymphatic status. Exemplifying the

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lundice, progressive emaciation, etc. ; in other words, the danger de])ends

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irregular pyrexia continued, and on one or two occasions an

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The cause of physiological sneezing -usually consists in an

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All letters, whether intended for publication or not, must contain the

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tions in India in 1895 by endeavoring to determine what became of the

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1877, and still living in good health. Of the pygopagi,

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After having introduced a speculum into the vagina,

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approximately three inches in diameter; the outlines are very

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which the capillary attraction afforded by are certain forms of migraine, transitory

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and the Balkan States, in Holland, in Innsbruck, and in Venice. In the

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