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of attack, the gentleman was able to come to my office with fair
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page 2, this is the General Fund, the Fund in which
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and secures the ovarian artery upon one side. Naturally,
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do not put on a very promising aspect in that supreme body.
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during the last fifteen years of his hfe he had not a single fit. I shall have
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and normal functions till appearance of deformity and distress
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Note by John H. Musser, M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, University
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she be or be not pregnant, shall be deemed guilty of a mis-
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future work for the profession was to discover means
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peculiar to the disorder. It is no mora strange that .the poison of diph-
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There are four conditions in which exudative skin lesions (erythema,
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able than that of the tuberculous affection. This is true for infants, but it
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their skill in abdominal surgery than of their patients'
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that the reader may understand the structure and won-
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health, which has for its goal, "a sound mind in a sound body."
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- it was detected after one, two, and even of Chloroform.
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Galvao to the chair of bacteriology at Rio de Janeiro, the
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bark and ca(,'ao, and seems well worth the notice of the Phy-
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cessive use of purgatives, depressing emotions or great mental excitement.
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where the hirths numhered 4,000 per annum — i.e., a nuniher equal to three-
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sue, partly because owing to the existence of muscular
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micro-organisms, we should expect chills, fever, and other systemic
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photophobia, visions of globes of fire or black spots, chromatopsy or pseu-
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dose aspirin therapy — one-to-four 325 mg tablets a day.
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several constituents are only very lightly held together, even
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solution (1 in 2000) to fix the hair, and rapidl}' skinned by
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averages about 14 mm. in thickness. It is apparently not hypertrophied
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an«3sthetic. The drug that has ordinarily been used imder that

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