Doxacard Use

ant6rieur. J. de m6(l. de Bordeaux. 1899, xxix, 413. —
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continued to read his course of lectures in college. But in the course of
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who prey upon the ills of poor humanity, then perhaps, the city
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lavije & Bonnaj, v. 20 (1), pp. l-264c, pis. 1-12. [W^]
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Very recently, it has been decided in the courts that the license
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polypus. Such a growth may be seized with a strong pair of vulsellum
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The next considerable acquisition of books was the obstetrical library
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the term. He believed the knowledge available did not yet justify the
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Jena, Germany, will put the reader in possession of all the
half a turn on itself. After reduction the wound was
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Heurteloup, of Paris, a number of years ago, to believe
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limited to the subcutaneous connective tissue of the lower

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