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is to be governed by rules, the consideration of which is not embraced within
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portion of the lid and could be follawed inward and
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and is not usually great in amount. The reaction of degeneration appears
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cently dead, and it seems possible to deliver per vias naturales without inflicting
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in extra-uterine pregnancy much more closely than that of
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oughly separated and the uterus and adnexa fully liberated
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repeatedly where he had attempted to bring on delivery
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dangerous to mother and child. When the child is dead, the
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founded, and to revise the book that was to carry his name down to
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was placed in her care. For five days she offered, ever>' three
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Convergent Strabismus in Children." (Published in " The Medi-
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ing the one on the other, where no projection fibres are to be found.
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Antimonials, cautions attending their use 270, 273, 275, 283, 566
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per cent relieved, or who had been insufficiently treated subcuta-
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It seems to me the three essential points in treating
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sound one ; he gives the morphia and ij^ecacuan lozenge, finding
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it is or may be healthy, is merely our way of regarding the use-
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doubt that she is alive and well now. In the other case the
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formly disagree, or are present in great part entirely
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account of rather obscure symptoms, and each made a report in
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As further physiologic studies of the brain function
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1893, vi, 86-94.— Farris (R. E.) Typhoid fever. Med.
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Compt. rend. Acad d. sc.. Par., 1848, xxvii, 24-27.— Par-
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to be in it, and at first I thought I must have opened the intestine.
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diarrhea, spasm particularly with hemorrhage, strangulated
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introduction of the Kontgen rays. In all three cases it followed upon a
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obstruction of the biliary tract, and the occurrence of grave
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lu accordaucc with the requirements of this Society, I take pleasure
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