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of the portal vein, because the latter are comparatively well protected

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work for his degree but had been a technician, went

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coryza, accompanied by ozaena ; and were cured in less than two

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antee prevention. Please, don’t entrust your life to some-

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fibres normally about the canal. By the pressure in this enlarged canal

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ship sufficient for instruction in our high schools, and bad scholarship

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he likely to survive ? what addition should be made to his

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Symptoms. General pruritus is specially encountered in advanced

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nutrition of the ovum, to the effect that when the ovum is first extended from the

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not in the best of health, and they are therefore liable to become

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siderably (56.6 to 13.3 ])er cent.}, it only reduced that of

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afifected nerve and muscles. That form of current should be

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which relieves the dryness and itching so irritating

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Disease, in the abstract or general meaning, is very difficult to define.

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window, and driven by the flames — which were now

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ren under five years of age constituted a very large

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loss of time ; and I should not propose to restrict the visitors in

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the good man takes advantage of it and develops; the poor one also

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in one case of general infection complicated by scarlet fever and

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tering usually relates to habitual pursuits. The patient is in a dreamy

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the Transport Committee of the Scottish Branch of the British

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Simple or onlinarj'- intermittent fever, as regards immediate danger, is

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Conservatism in the Tbeatment of Appendicitis. — ^The medi-

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to the air. The most careful and protracted microscopic examina-

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in which the test was made in 20 normal indi\iduals (in every

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period ending with 1894, and the reports of deaths made

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ment." It seems surprising the reviewer should not perceive,

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brilcke, 1877. — 6. Brasch. Neurolog. Centralhl. 1892, p. 226. — 7. Bristowe. Brain,

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of peritonitis preceding the operation, and at the time she was oper-

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existence of a syphiUtic virus is also an error. Consequently no Medical

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