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the cortical portion, are swollen by albuminous infiltration, look cloudy
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des methodes ggiierales que nous indiquerons plus loin aux
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membrane potentials and the other osmotic properties of solutions
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Etiology and pathology. The substance of the tumour is made
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Dr. Apostoli has now treated more than a hundred patients by this
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different sounds, they naturally are reticent about undertaking
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a debt of gratitude for so wi.sely spending the money, and
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appear to be actively flexible at all. Frequently it was
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wise established that the true seat of hearing lies within
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tical difference. It seemed, however, that this method for saturating
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ident j Earle Straine, M.D., of Fall City, Montana,
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Etiology. — Leprosy is caused by an acid-fast bacillus, Bacillus
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substance. The ventricles or lymph spaces are distended, which
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of a very small minority, will support isolation and segrega-
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G'lr esse (Thfse de Paris; Brit. Med. /(7«r.) shows that obstruction occasionally
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that were younger than twelve. In those cases that were over twelve
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erto will be seen when I tell you that the old university
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the lymph channels, thence into the veins and entering the general cir-
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Cass X. — Mrs. A. C. set about 35 years; Renal Calculi; Granular In-
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and of realising that a subsequent pregnancy or labour in a
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Presuming that retention is perfect the vast majority of
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a sufficient number of instances of irregular onset and course to give the
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would say here that the amount required to relieve pain
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in itself. Bullets often become encapsuled in the bod}^ without giving
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OS was too high behind the pubic wall; second, because I
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the active. The obscurations, which were at first evanescent and
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From one case it appeared as though the disease were con-
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wounded. Thus, the Fra-Fra people, when preparing against the
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of his disease, no matter how early, and when a man of
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refused admission. He sought shelter under a shed in the
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it off. Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Taylor, my colleagues, assisted
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only with the latter that ascites can be confounded. In this spe-

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