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pancreas by injecting oil into the ducts. The next important work-

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sonance. Mediate percussion will thus follow the gravitating

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sky J reports a case of congenital pemphigus proved to be

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Sargent, of this city, now resident in Paris. These knapsacks were

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In the epidemic of 1918 many cases occurred, with sudden

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Dit. Marcy, in using the Schultze method, often in-

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trash, be assured that his head did not select if his heart paid for

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off and both had died. He could not belie^•e that the

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inch, and it was then discovered that a second strangula-

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ent upon the area selected. Since the height of the curve influences the steepness

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The recommendations made, most of all, must be above

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butyric, and otlier secondary fermentations, are insisted

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fiebre aniarilla fuera de los puntos en que es endeniica, la

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epilepsy. Ciucin. M. News, 1890, n. s., xix, 227-233. —

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all likelihood alter the elastic tissue of the endo-

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during the operation with a solution of salicylic and boracic acid, 1 and 6

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alone. Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry. 1936, 35:

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contagious disease had become the most essential ingredient

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certain nervous phenomena, while typhoid fever manifests a wider range of

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it possible that there might be a condition of partial

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