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briefly : (1) that the Bacillus leprae is the sole cause of

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possibility of pregnancy, but that important point must be cleared up. If

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tabla The dura was intact and pulsated normally. A wick was

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caused by change of diet, I was greatly surprised to find

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The memory is a little impaired for rgcent events ; there is no incoherency

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form of the disease the wliit* blood-corpuscles are not distinguishablo

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of the foot used; this will sometimes prove effectual. Anothei

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Again, in obstruction in the smaller arteries, the inactive capil-

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different objects are to be aimed at and two entirely

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more than ^ a pt. of rich gravy, 6 large onions, pepper and salt to

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ac patients with esophageal compression due to enlarged left atrium

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the absolute power of movement inherent in the external rectus {i. e.

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months to a maximum of five years four months, since discharge, is as

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Diseases of the Throat, Nose, and Eai- for Practitioners and Students.

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secondly, we must not forget that, as mental influence alone is of

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jifing on the abdomen. In case of married women who have borne chil-

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the formation of the red precipitate of cuprous oxide.

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potassium, should induce healthy cicatrisation as if by

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other means have failed, the sleeplessness of young children

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tunity to test the value of the different remedies, but seemed to

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anaesthesia, and about f^iij sufficed, as he inhaled it without effort, and

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and in others where a persistent sinus had followed the Estlander

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the medium who had recommended the patients to go to

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acid poisoning, we think by far the best antidote has been

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