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images, are often observed when a bandage has been worn for two or
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after the now ten days" illness were the most marked
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gave the atropine, gr. , l„, at 8 o'clock. The bowels moved again about
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The Registrar-General of Queensland has just issued a volume
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Treatment, — The antidote is raw white of egg, which should be
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In the spring of 1887 the following circular was issued to
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penis syringe is all that is required to attack them.
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diagnosticated. In making this statement I exclude, of course, cases .of
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Medical Society after the two organizations merged in 1913. Other Nicollet
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and Operating Instruments for all parts of the body. Of
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thyromine work
even the government schools have really taken advantage of the
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ports must be strictly quarantined and disinfected."
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the foundation for the successful management of pulmonary tuberculosis.
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Indian Hemp. — In the British Medical Journal for February 9th Mr. R.
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dition to them, there was chronic tenderness of the superficial lymphatics. The
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after trying various other remedies, especially the sul-
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produced, also calomel until the liquid green stool is pro-
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" February 12. — Pain is now localised at a spot about one
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compensation, and this on the state of the heart muscle and the auxiliary
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present volume of transactions occupies over an hundred pages, and
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Using a 26- or 27-gauge needle, the fetal umbilical cord or
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sachlich durch den Harn verlasst." Other writers speak of the
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out the purposes for which it was intended remains to be seen.
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of the abdomen to which they are to be applied, must be directed
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inal pressure depended on hydrostatic conditions in the abdomen ; he says
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These finds were considered typical of the early stages of
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less on intruders, seizing and surrounding them, im-
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i, 101. Also: Tr. Clin. Soc. Lond., 1882-3, xti, 82-85.—
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wounds that the surgeon may have made anywhere, it is advisable to
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The work of recent years has added materially to our knowledge of

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