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may remain in the blood after an infection has been investigated by

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cannot at first be distinguished from true apoplexy ; as a rule, however,

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but has known it to occur. Mr. Robertson, of the same city, also says

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there are cases of perinephritis for which no cause is discoverable.


the liver, or internally, in the form of the Iodides of Potassium anc

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hinges. A door is placed in the back, as shown in the

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sorry for it. The code never made a sick man well or set a broken limb. It never

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"a dangerous procedure that has led to most of the fatal cases

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some. The case also illustrated the positive harm done by

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exfoliate, for the ulcerating line of separation was being formed,

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kind of epithelium passed over into the other. Ana-

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offering assistance before there is actual impairment.

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said. We have learned to diagnosticate the various mal-

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* Hunt points out that the rigidity in these two conditions differs in that

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less to deny, they now are in many parts of Tennessee, Alabama and

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Gooch relates that "a little woman, aged 18, of a spare habit, was

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