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his appetite for his dram, and repair the sad inroads made wpon his con-
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Williamstown ; F. K. Paddock, Pittsfield ; A. T. Wakefield,
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What’s all this push by doctors for antitrust relief? It
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Irregular or partial contractions of the uterus cause malposi-
children have been of malarial origin, I will at least
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in man it is obviously insufficient to cover the length of period
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along the line of cleavage of the two layers. On the external
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1902 GiTNN, L. G., M.D., Dub., F.R.C.S., Surgeon Adelaide Hospital,
the temperature, as suggested above, p. 63) furnishes better results
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Treatment of Typhoid Fever — J. A. Crook refers to
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Tery instructive case at the clinic of Tubingen, whidi has been de-
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great when compared with slow sand filters. Eates varying from
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Is it self-limited ? Is it a fever, as the exanthem-
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On the 10th there were slight symptoms of peritonitis, the abdomen being
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in endeavoring to judge of their respective merits, it is to be borne in mind
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Eugenics. Beview of October, and I give some of his conclusions, which
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United States. The majority of the physicians of Toronto believe
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phytes are common. The bones are often increased in density in the outer
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which it made exit from the abdomen. Thus, you wiU see that it is
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1. Obtaining the Substances Necessary for Reaction. The syphilitic antigen is
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Faribault. He graduated from the McGill University Medical School in 1896, and
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Natuee's Method op Puripying Watee : General Considerations,
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the art of diagnosis, our senses of sight and hearing, of this problem. As you arc aware, much obscurity
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the Feeding of Infants by Frank C. Madden, F.R.C.S. pp. 256, Cr. 8vo.
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the incision passed as far as the middle line of the fore-arm, but
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A convex lens not only makes distant objects appear dim to an
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be the only true politician of his time who speaks, not
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Max Stern, of Philadelphia, an undergraduate of Jefferson Medi-
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days prior to confinement There was nothing in the appear-
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was seiz'd, without premonition, with chill of short
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to be obtained sometimes, but it should always be re-

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