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hereditary tuberculosis has been really the result of
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and the Institut Vacassy, at St. Maurice, near Paris.
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patient. It certainly shortened the duration of the
ly as a text for a discussion. Still more, criticism
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while not a sjjecific for malarial multiple neuritis, is
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causing consciousness of its needs, it is repressed.
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results in a fatal issue from interference with the
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of distribution of the particular neurones involved.
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viously the part of wisdom to bring all of it within
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the treatment of eczema of the chronic, intractable
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President, FREDERICK HYDE, M. D., Cortland, Cortland County.
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condition these attacks occurred every five minutes
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itself, the fluid passing into, and increasing the already distended
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orientation give a better prognosis than those of the
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teenth century to its close. One of the most inter-
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are able to find in the patient or his discharges a
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Comparison between the Wound inflicted by the Suicide and
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been in effect for thirty years, shall be abolished.
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passes round, as an increasing number of hands are employed
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a child under such circumstances, as all other means of relieving
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mer, and particularly among butterflies, it by no means happens
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warm bath ; also to bleed the patient, if of a full or robust habit. The diet to
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for discussion, but one fact is certain : The growth
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treatment, as well as those afiflicteil with the chronic
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air is introduced until the fluid reaches the 2,00c
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effects of colloid treatment on the temperature were
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ing nor vomiting; throat universally red; tonsils enlarged, with
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Wednesday, May 14th. — Medical Society of the Borough

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