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Bougarel, who states that he was for four years in charge
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glass slide there resulted a very heavy deposit of needle-shaped paraxanthin
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been the consequence of pyaemia, of tubercles, or of the extension (rf
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of dried pneumonic sputa, yet ordinary discretion should
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Symbolism " is sure to find appreciative readers, not
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8. Van Arsdale, W. W. : Technique of Temporary Resection of
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the minute arteries pass from a state of contraction to one of relaxa-
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God, Nature, and Man, or Man, Nature and God — one and three, three
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Mustard-seed powder, which, in luke-warm water, soon gives a strong
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tion cocaine suppositories put in rectum. Marriage pos-
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operation. He went on the table with a pulse of 170 and temperature
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remaining children of the household were in time affected. In New
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became very irritable, and refused to play with other
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showed interesting chronic changes. In the gross the two kidneys
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if the injury is important enough to require it, and the patient's
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sooner than usual, and inundates the surface of the
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which was thickly distributed over the entire body, but lasted only one
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having been a witness to the horrors attendant on its
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the replies of all the Licensing Bodies to the Education Report, it will be de-
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to Edouard Nicaise'' medicine was not taught publicly at
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ary. There was no definite reduction of the amount of albumin.
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that twelve months previously she had first noticed a lump at the
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mation. But, for the most part, our knowledge respecting the
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give and to take, he saw no reason to surrender his
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to this I subjoined some suggestions, for the consideration
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to direct them to the side of the foBtal back, counterpressure being
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of vagrant practitioners, who, having outlived their "first impres-

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