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bladder, which could be felt through the abdominal wall,
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* Brit. Med. Journ., November 8, 1890. ^ Journ. Lepr. Invest. Com., No. III.
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fur, but soon becomes dryish, and its coating is apt to assume a bro^ynish
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will be found a valuable auxiliary. If the main artery of the
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Case III. — Mrs. W., aged 35, mother of three children,
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may refuse to agglutinate in low dilutions, such as 1-100, but aggluti-
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— Anatomy and Physiology, with their Application in Diagnosis and
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the poison was obtained. The age and constitution of the individual
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•'and Cause indisposition the succeeding day, that a single glass produces
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the day was frosty he could not bear anything over him except
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On Convulsive States in General — A. Pierret says
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ouec, and twenty-one centimetres for the intermamillary space. The
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each other in the relation of cause and effect, but are the common result
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What are the factors which predispose certain indi-
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(j) As so many of these cases of acquired displacement or fix-
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copying being possible (as a drawing would be copied) under the guidance
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Others have made separate abdominal and thoracic incisions
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lowed immediately by a strong blister, is advisable.
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ination of the whole work, we can justly say the author
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disease pursues its course, the false membrane extends, the swelling of
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dependent of the power already residing in (he liand ; and any
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In the large majority of cases, however, the condi-
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body irritating the nerve. They occur by paroxysms and may end
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which had baffled all attempts at remedy, although she had
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somewhat unique symptom has not been definitely set-
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more than $ 1 billion of its own funds and evaluating
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successfully treated in this manner, and cites many
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there are one or two gunboats, and over thirty transports, on the
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the cavity and stops the slight hemorrhage that occurs. Now
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(7) In certain selected cases, there is no form of treatment so
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means will allow of their adopting any measure that health or
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floor of the ulcers), and well-defined giant cells are
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mission of helpfulness, and we believe the day is not far
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that the vitality of the poison could be continued for
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to reduce the pulse by it, unless the reactive fever is considerable,
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