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of the face. This pathology was purely hypothetical; no evidence

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which the limb is torn completely off, or in which the

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rash ; renal embolism may yield bloody urine ; splenic em-

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these points, it is impossible for us even to enter

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from which a medical opinion may be easily formed. It is possible, however,

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life the supreme concern, and every hour one of hidden

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rhage, which is alwaysliable to occur, and which excites no comment except

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While in the hospital the demonstration of my proposed

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cussed after a brief review of pertinent literature.

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Admitting that taxis were a justifiable measure, how long

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organic cei'ebral disease, general paresis, epilepsy, speecli much affected, writing

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There are, I imagine, few who have not been struck with the general

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extirpation du nfoplasme; sujipreasion des attaques.

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were well marked cases of hour-glass contraction. In each of

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given only about once a week (still alternating) as

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IBankart, JAfl., M.B.— Surgeon to the of England Eye Infinnan*.

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and last of the above classes was as follows : Of the first, or worst off class, as

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to wash out thoroughly the urinary tract from above. The patient should

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My usual management is to commence with an emetic of ipecacuanha, and

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very simple difficulty, that it is quickly cured, and that there is

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tape-worm Bothriocephalus latus, Ancliylostoma duodenale or

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posite action of the thumb opens the claws ; and like-

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Specimens 188 and 207 give again the old story of arrest of development

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ocTTeow TeToi'i'ifJiei'ov. ' Ei'Bev oTav KaOi^eiv irpo^Tov ap^rjTai,

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Now, however, a tympanitic sound was perceived on percussion over the upper

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words : — " But it may be said, they dare not come out and visit.

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suppurating wounds by antiseptic measures is illusory, and they

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d. hop. do Toulouse, 1898, xii, 58.— Ooilwin (C. H. Y.)

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cases of right hemiplegia and aphasia within a few hours of the attack,

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tioner remark that he had never seen a case of perityphlitis that

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We give elsewhere a table, with which our correspondent has

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troops in the Philippines, stating that the occurrence of

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1849 a. — Parasitologische Beitrage <Entom. Ztg., Stettin, v. 10 (5), Mai, pp.

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