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admitted into Guy's Hospital under Dr Habershon on February 1st, 1867,

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brane, or teeth may serve as the atrium of infection.

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years in the Berlin clinic. During the period 1911-

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though it has been sufficient to discountenance the idea that destruction

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ile appear in the positive tubes which promptly settle in a

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tricle may be still further increased by simultaneous involvement of the mitral

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trypaniform phase. The karyosome of the trophonucleus is

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and when this had been accomplished the case was regarded as offer-

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Usually the limb is semi-flexed, in order to relax the articula-

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certain conditions, render ffreat service both in diagnosis

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community. If the Corporation enforced their powers for

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spect of another vital organ, and involving a question in forensic

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slight disability. It was true a great many cases of

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suggested, unless in necessitous cases, nothing less should be

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erally, usually or excessively vascular, and much less manifestly inflamed in Tetanus ;

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the skin may be stretched and taut, so that it is smooth and shiny, but it is

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dose, which is to be taken during effervescence. This quantity, thus

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were, apparently, due to dropsies of the Nabothian fol-

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sense of personal danger, ran barefooted over frozen ground for fifteen miles


pain, fever and considerable local inflammation, while the one formerly

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door patients under treatment. — Med. Times j sure of a public opinion, the growth of which

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referring to a recent Journal article should be received within six

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The treatment for these conditions is directly opposite. For the

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murmurs : (i,) They occur in highly neurotic people ; (2,) They are

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where a liberal generosity seekim; an outlet for its philanthropic benev-

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at all asphyxiated at birth, four slightly so, four mod-

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and acute atrophy of the liver. It is an oily, colorless

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we are not surprised to be informed by a responsible

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ment, its repetitions, its discursive character, and that so little really

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able for threads, as they have to pass through the skin,

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showed a delayed coagulation time and prothrombin time in four out

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this desireable end physicians must unite in action, and the action

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of both eyes was present. The lids of the left eye could

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" That she alas ! ha-s got the prize," so straiglitwav down the p^issage hies-

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Spohn, a. E., acting assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence from

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tributed little or nothing to this important subject.

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every sense a safe text-book to place in the hands of the student and

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of a hysterical nature. Is very lachrymose, at intervals complaining of im-

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head was 33.5 gallons. Deacons' water waste detectors were introduced,

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declared that relief could only be secured by abdominal hysterectomy.

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