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coronal forehead lift, with an incision extending from ear
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they are cases of simple synovitis, or whetlier they
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Bilharzia eggs were said by Fagge to form the nuclei of uratic calculi in
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heart was beating regularly 16 times per minute, and presented bath a natural appearaac^
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humidity, being most active when the air is relatively driest. It is not
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tance up the cervix. The patient was directed to have a
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result of an experiment to prove the preservative action of intense cold
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district may vary; generally the)' will be found to be compara-
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intestine did not cause immediate death as in the unimmune animals.
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normal color and consistence. If the follicular ulcers heal, strictures
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Dr. Atkinson — ^I wish only to add to Dr. McChord's line of treat-
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or, at least, the class of Chinese treated in hospitals — are, as compared with
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weight. Growing children should constantly be increasing in
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other side, taking 10 minutes for tlie injection of each half.

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