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held rigid. At first the second case resembled epidemic

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instrument from time to time by comparing it with a mercury or water manometer.

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flavor of the bread, make it more palatable, and in-

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sity of using the catheter. He called upon me now in consequence of

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well-marked thrill. A murmur with the above characteristics forms, according to

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to a diagnosis of pericarditis that proved to be absent on post-mortem

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of labor or fatigue, by none of the surroundings which accompany

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Jaubert reports 37 cases of locomotor ataxia associated

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in cases attended by weak heart and over-taxed bronchial

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a biennial purgative draught. From the nobles of the

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and this accounts for the different infectious diseases.

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of the College. The President having entered the Board-

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Until lately, Kruger and Wulff's 1 method has been generally used to estimate

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taking the bromine. Previous to the arrival of medical assistance, a quantity

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which they — the Council — may issue for the im-

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behind the urethra, and lying between the posterior

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rofloxacin therapy is effective in a broad spectrum of

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or at least its edges will be sufficiently adherent to retain the

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The second stage of tabes is characterised by the appearance and the

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only. After the first draft, mucilage of linseed or gruel

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ous disorders had ever been present. The patient had always

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kidney as a separate lesion. The condition is identical with that of the

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rung der lirechendeli Flachen im Auge. Arch. f. d. ges.

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lined in turbid protoplasm. Some epithelial nuclei seem in

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have seen two cases of advanced disease where the patients could not

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2. Micrococcus rheumaticus cannot be regarded as an attenuated

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med. Wchnschr., 1887, xxxvii, 1 57; 1289.' . DieEnt-

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(T. Fox) ; Eczema hypertrophicum tuberculatum (E. Wilson) ; Lym-

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therefore commenced the operation with the intention of extracting

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lish this must be much stronger than that sometimes admitted in cases of

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heart muscle, where we are accustomed to look for them.

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favour of this view he adduces the two facts, tirst,

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