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not indooe a greater liability to its recurrence at a subsequent period.
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excretion is the least disturbed in contracted kidney.
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development of woman we should not neglect. Advise all
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which, in commerce, I believe to be seldom the case. I therefore choose
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which vision in L. E. rose to fj-. Then came another
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the circulation by venesection, and call that amount d,
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formed with distilled water a bright red semi-opaque mixture
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iodid and also sulphur baths may be used to aid in the elimination of the mercury.
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cence, the salicylate acting as a carrier of moisture to the more
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too large to pass along the ureter, and are consequently retained. As has
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that testify to the excellent results of this plan of treatment, deserves very
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usually agonizing upon movement and pressure. Frequently the weight
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portions,brought about by bronchitis, influenza, hooping-
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Previous diseases constitute an often overlooked class of factors in pre-
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the soil, as in making excavations for the foundations of houses, tracka
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the Use of Students preparing for Examination. By W. Handsel
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pathetic influences have their eflect on the lungs as well as
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The advantages of the treatment now about to be laid down
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with the nek, and there were many examples of individuals and
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Zinninger. Dr Gavin's paper was discussed by Dr Santee. The following
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Health — we also declare " that the disease is the bilious fever of the
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Also, in: Arch. f. path. Anat. [etc.], Berl., 1894, cxxxvi,
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tumour hud attained the size and shape of a penny French
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entirel}^ eliminates every trace of Cocaine from this preparation.
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gether (37-38% successful). 7 28 Many of these studies
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Large abscesses of this kind are due to the coalescence of neighboring
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the impossibility at present of -understanding the mode of
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of his result in the case reported. But* there are some
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tinued chest pains, frequent pleurisies on both sides; six
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I have said nothing about the tuberculin test as yet. It seems
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could not be followed, yet they represent more accurately the
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which they usually occur in each, namely, in the appendices of the
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2. Skin Lesions Associated w ith Rapid Growth of Long Bones, Linese

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