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It was completely avirulent. Elser and Huntoon (2) found that colonies of dif-

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tattooed on his arm and an elaborate bracelet on his

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advanced stage of fever, when the manifestations of nervous energy are

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James Harold Austin (1883-1952) 0. H. Perry Pepper 25

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Einthoven and described by him in 1906 in the Archive

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it was merely a misunderstanding on the part of the Humane

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is sure to be a larger, more divided, and less m'ana"-e-

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tioners to a hasty, in my mind unnecessary, and consequently

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generally be reduced to a minimum without opiates, by

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* Dr. Rush changed rhubarb for jalap in the hospital at

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uses of etheric vibrations, differing only in degree not kind,

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water. The balsamic diuretic, for a change, may be modified

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between the scapuIsB. She had another slight convulsion about two hours after

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diligently to so far combine, or rather to complete, the present Boards, ,

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that are not vital. Our comprehension of health being thus

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counsel every one kept silence, it would be a dull company and a

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in one case, a man had been, previous to his entering the institution.

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verse diameter above the brim. They were carefully put on.

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all lacerated dura. Alter completing the operation cover

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medicine, and the list of the doses in which its several

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sions fait nousmemes et Ton ne pourroit se flatter en aucun cas

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ten. It is not very uncommon in adults, but is extremely rare in old age.

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Dr. Irwin Moore : I would like to remark that Mr. Shattocks opinion of

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Chri.st, he says that, though pleurisy in the region of

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•dant in the lower. On section most of them present a white

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The seasons also seem to influence its prevalence and intensity.

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