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be a developmental form of special and peculiar significance in the life-
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the Middlesex Hospital to possess such a large and increasing
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any proper sense of the terms. On the con- \ its qualities. We find that numerous soluble
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liquid which may be limpid and colorless, of a citron color, or sometimes
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sis of the facial muscles ; usually, however, this is of short duration.
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Recovery never takes place, the patient dying of general constitutional
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An elderly man who had never suffered from renal colic or from symptoms
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published in the Secretary of State's despatch. From this
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unilateral cases as to give a special clinical character to the
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In examining urine the chemical test is not sufficient; may find casts without
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SiDONAL. — Sidonal, a combination of chinic acid and piperazine,
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liable to headaclie from time to time. For the last twelve
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complains of a constant cough ; areas of dulness over
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devote himself to these years of patient toil. It is a
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methods I put her in the lethargic state inside of ten minutes, and
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to the right shoulder, often accompanied by vomiting, profuse
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when rest, proper food and some of the alkaloidal beverages
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So far as the art of medicine is concerned the demand
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moval of intestinal contents is provided by a suitably
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statements taXen as a whole. The acconpanying financial information has been
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healthy till lately. She had been in poor circumstances for
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logical study of this century. Its teaching is little
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bladder and of course to remove the stones. These are the two
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contains the poison ; but he has no belief whatever
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and it not infrequently happens that the eyeball is lost.
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the air-tube being outside, and bent at its extremity so as to meet the fluid-tube
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