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The Therapeutic Gazette would fail in its object did it not give especial attention to the

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but one of the consequences of abstinence, and if the tongue and gums are

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ous Bjstem and 21,995 from respiratory maladies. West,

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httjmorrhage by hot water, etc., should make us readier to get

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name of the writer, not necessarily for publication.

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which a more slow and smothered combustion would not effect in several

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has analyzed the gangrenous parts in some patients, and he has arrived at the

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into Serous Cavities," by Dr. S. C. Busey, of Washington;

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the fact that the uterus can readily be restored to its normal position.

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evei', something gained ; the case was apparently a hopeless one when first

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glass of hot brandy. She noticed a few " small red spots " on

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site side ; then back over the same line. The second interspace is then

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favours uterine and vaginal drainage. If an examination shows that the

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practical objection to its use is our ignorance of the

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most interesting and satisfactory cases of the series was one of

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After getting up and dressing he was taken with a severe chill, with pains

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profeflion. It may, again, he fubdivided into thofe nuifiinces

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ful apartments, without being demoralized by a sense of charity ; another five millions he

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Fig 1. Histologic appearance of right retro-bulbar mass,

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can be had, they offer a simpler and easier method of diagnosis than do

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toxemias. The regulation of cordio-vascular compensation in-

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Dr. Moizard recommends the use of sublimate in glycerin in the propor-

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nutrition of the girl rapidly improves, so that her

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fire in one house destroying an adjoining one does not

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that the vitality of the poison could be continued for

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They lack that maturity of judgment and training which is

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