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and whereas, the wholesome qualities of malt liquors greatly recom-
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Mercuric chlorid accomplishes this result in a dilution
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before the impulse, and without any appreciable alteration in
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law fails to secure health to any reasonable extent, but
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staff nnember at the combined Clinical-Society-Commissioned Officers'
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is a cure obtained." Greig and Gray report several experiments with
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contraction of the pupil are opium and alcohol, the latter less marked than
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Dr. WQrdemann has said that all compensation may be regulated by the
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kinds of meat, should be properly appreciated by physicians
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tution to the practice of which he shall hare entered, and will,
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The afrebile infections have not been well studied. In chronic cases of
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acid, with which I have already dealt, that should command
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the phases of increase, of status, and of decrease presented by the
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misdemeanor to offer for sale any meat that has not been thus
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cases a long large pustule arises at each scarification— this
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ing with some cases he combines the ultraviolet rays with the
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education in our princifial medical schools is higher, and
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sils, palatftm molle, pharynx, etc., with cotton balls, have
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commencing just within the supraorbital notch and termi-
properly disinfected, patients isolated, milk bottles scalded, sick rooms
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tacks the nose more frequently than any other region of
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every shape and variety. Like magic, these lenses were passed
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ble, leaving doubts as to a possible ma%nant element
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recovers so rapidly that after four or five days it may
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in the Med. Record, N. Y., 1875, x. G2, by Dr. H. G. PifFard, would
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vascular neuroses, attended, as they frequently are, with increased
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in swallowing, the cough (partly laryngeal), and the accumulation of
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known and the array of statistics are given there can hardly remain a
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room, four X-ray therapy rooms, a room especially con-
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were rendered all the more distinct by being brought into contrast with those

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