Femmax Tablets

ternaz. 1894, Roma, 1895, iv, chirurg. [etc.], 287-292. —
tion. The pale barks contain but comparatively little
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medicine to prescribe, he poured a phial full from this general
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important of all advantages — the early correction of their errors
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indulge in much exercise. Light diet. Regular treatment for a
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It continues a few days, and gradually the normal condition of the stomach
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ment, on his part, that he had not succeeded in de-
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Notes and Additions, by E. 0. Shakespbare, M.D., Pathologist and Ophthalmic Surgeon
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be welcome at such a meeting, especially when he is con-
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two-and-a-half years, concludes that neoplasms might well be
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25, But this valuable genus is not confined to the fouthern he-
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2 deaths from beriberi; in February, 36; in March, 30; in
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schools and libraries, and giving it as gifts. Mower
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position, leads the individual to shift the weight of the body
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Dr. J. Zeislee, of Chicago, asked in reference to the produc-
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by rib resection, and did not wash out. He had thus
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of Water Commissioners, to consist of three members shall be appointed
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garded as the most original, and as consisting, therefore,
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ment. Still there are some fresh points in diet now and
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would tell us what, in general, he finds has happened
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OF THE State of Rhode Island, for the year ending De-
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dependent of the power already residing in (he liand ; and any

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