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with these cultivations : 9 horses that were inoculated in the

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" Not more than one in three turn yellow that dies of black vomit

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shall give, on or before the 15th of April next, in an essay or report (worthy of

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profession. It is due to the fact that the great majority

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calmness of mind from the moment of swallowing the poison until death."

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it must be confessed. Why have they so wantonly altered the

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Lisitzin and Buchner prefer the cat to the dog as a. subject for

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its application. Tliis, as appears from the rules already laid

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treatment consisted of sodium salicylate 5 gr. every four hours

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the domain of cystotomy. I believe the most intrepid cystoto-

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circulation and functional torpor in the viscera of the caeliac

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introducing this pleasant German custom that we have present

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scription and drawings of an ingenious contrivance for

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secondary. The constitutional symptoms are similar to those

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ture, burn, or any other mechanical or chemical vio-

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is useless to base precise numerical statements upon Weber's method. It

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all affected hairs, and sometimes there is a little pus found beneath

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the muscles on the side opposite an htemorrhage from the

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elasticity of the attachments of deflected parts, it facilitates

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percentage, the hypalbuminosis, as demonstrated by Castan, Leonard,

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mate, is the difference in the constitution of the blood.

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that there is a deficiency of fibrine. In the land scurvy, now so pre-

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people with vaccinations. After this they are told to roll up their

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skin may be seen which, from being in a moist situation, look white and

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the cases from time to time reported in the press, ha^

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ous system, and through it acting on the blood globules in the

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and 3^ inches from above downwards, was found lying immediately

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of children's diseases. In them this portion of the economy is actively

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the fluid which is to be injected. The receiver is then

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its action was exceedingly feeble, and in fact, its pulsations could hardly be considered as

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ing, which if it were multiplied so as to include every

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