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obscure thought rather than illumine it. Is there any ground for supposing

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carbohydrates should not be allowed. All eration, if necessary, before being given up

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the end, used for passing a ligature under an artery (Fig. 172).

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digestion in health prevent, produces irritation and acts like a cathartic

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the patient. On the other hand, according to Simonin and Benoit,

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as to how they function and how they are involved in

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applied, slipped off, or sunk into the concretion, or even bent at the handles;

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of some irritant poison, which, however, under the existing circum-

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Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the

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ment are justifiable only in cases of unusual obstinacy.

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the rpiickened s[)irit of inquiry in relation to the gen-

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Latterly, he had suffered considerably from attacks of diarrhoea and

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Cholera on the Bed Sea. — The cholera is spreading

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got another brand of gas which saved twenty per cent,

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duce a reaction of the skin. While this Quantimeter permits

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later the cough appears, and is due to manifold causes; on account

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Not a single untoward symptom occurred in this case, no local heat or

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able as an anodyne external application in rheumatism and

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right to express any opinion, to discuss any paper, in his own way. Equally well

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on food analysis, tells us that the earliest English laws (regu-

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and this sound, varyiug at different times, can be heard by

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1902 of the small-pox imported from Paris and that from America. That was

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cellulose, are certain of the obligate anaerobics, and

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on the heart of tuberculous and rheumatic pericardium

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posed imder irrigation with bichloride solution not weaker

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