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an uninterrupted recovery, with the exception of a small

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The plan of treatment he relied on was quinine or antipyrin-

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The youngest was 19. The time during which the pessary

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mouth, on the OLh ; and Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel H. C. Guinxess, on

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equal to 14,1 per 1 ,000. In London the rate of infant mortality did not

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The Council then proceeded to the election of an assistant

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cold wave are typho-malaria and influenza in various

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place, and that the bacilli found are merely the organisms

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By simple catarrhal typhlitis is now understood an inflam

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Medical Portrait Gallery," he received many portraits as

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appear on the Medical or Dentists' Reyisters. and their claim

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resignation had been placed in the hands of the Union and

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The latter, again, were divided by the house-surgeons on

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Brown, R. J. Brown, "J. F. Christie, tW. Cockburn. W. F. Cornwall,

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Marischal College. Un tlio motion of the Lord Rector, the suggestion of

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interesting to attempt an investigation into "Hysteria in

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ture incurred by that city in taking measures to prevent the

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Bartholomew's Hospital; H. K, F. Towne, Westminster Hospital;

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Medical Inquiry as to the Cause of Death. — Evidence of Dr.

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In the Midlands a few cases were recorded at Leicester, and some

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tore;G. K.Gili'ord,8hetland:C. Grant, Lossiemouth;\V. Grant. Gaitly; .i

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the cases of typhlitis may be ranged under the following head-

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articles, or in the administration of the law, and it shows

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posed of degenerate clubs, and that the disease was of

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Plymouth, 2.6 ; and Southampton, 2.7 per cent, of attacks.

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I cut the whole organ bodily away. As it was impossible to stitch the cut

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joint. Temperature, 103 2° F. ; pulse rapid, weak, and inter-

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Edinburgh. Royal College of Fhy-sicians of. Laboratory Reports.

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Leadman, Alexander D. H , L.R.C.P., L R.C S Edin., appointed Medical

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exactly what was the proposal and what was the grievance, to-

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Division of the County of London and the Kingston-on-

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intelligence. He has now been identified as a piano tuner,

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ignorant, and such English as he can put together is modelled

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pox most probably spreads through the atmosphere, and is

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tion of the abstract investigations of medical science can be

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composition of certain preparations that they may not come

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carried further back towards the ramus of the lower jaw, or

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in it. Insane persons and children taken up will be sent to

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efl'eminacy. For this evil, however, I have found age a

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