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Diagram of a Transverse Section of Spinal Cord in Upper Half of
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Since that time I have made several similar observations, some
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either remaining constant or alternating with periods of apyrexia.
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neck, followed by pain and stiffness, Avhicli extended until, in three
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olate." He finds the following formula agreeable to patients, and
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My own cases are twelve in number, out of which I have lost one,
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I do not wish to be understood as advising against early operation.
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one per cent, or more, chlorine in that of .078 per cent, or more, sul-
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opening the abdomen a papillomatous cyst with secondary
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cutaneous trophoneuroses, properly so called, are ordinarily rather
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liver and kidneys of the deceased, as exhibiting the appearance of those of a
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cerci. A CT scan in patients with inactive disease often shows
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is delayed to the fourth or even later. In modified small-pox, it is not
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