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tal had he but one opportunity — lie not iiisistingon the said

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of substrata as represented by the herbarium material and the pub-

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their only relief in smallpox in Burmah, but that it is always attended

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were swollen and very painful ; the man's voice was husky and

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lowing journals are now sent gratis to the foregoing

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Definition. A progressive anaemia in ruminants and other ani-

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'■'•'' (1) Memo, Col John R. Hall for Exec Off SGO,

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letter to the Surgeon-General of the Army for annulment of his

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as to aid greatly in separating nearly related organisms. Such re-

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have represented in these cases three distinct types of

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Ireland, " I think, etc." This is not sufficient to satisfy,

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not get strong-." " Wliy," I said, "you have been trying to putt

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I think the toxemia of late pregnancy in which cesarean section

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lief of stenosis due to double posticus paralysis, followed by

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The placenta was retained so long that I passed my hand into

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contractions on exposure to cold or on percussion, but did not show any reaction

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hospital. At the time when I saw her, one hour after

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tarium. Like all fat-free soaps, Eunatrol is absorbed and deposited in

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ning der Brentano'schen optischcn Tanschung. Ztschr.

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The prognosis in these cases is extremely grave, for the disease has

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result of which depends on the treatment. In order that

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The great majority of physicians desire cultures to be made and ap-

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these conidial fructifications mounting in fluid commonly greatly dis-

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The best possible manner of giving it is in the form of tincture,

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none but the first variety are the lymph glands as a rule

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Last, and quite as important as any, is the examination and measurement of

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were in a desperate condition, but they had every symp-

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' ^^yt&rna jro£>nm.rr-1!bi«i»MnMo«««e^ botfi tibtvjwid «!>»•. The

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and incredibly effective. Although each model stash illustrated

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possesses of remaining moist longer than any other known substance. Let fall two or

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fresh or decomposing, distension of the stomach and hrst part

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deprived in the civil war. Dr. Farre may be congratulated on

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