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does not swing the leg as he does in hemiplegia, but has a foot-drop m

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cause only an insignificant fraction die by storm, flood, earthquake,

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colorations met with in many wasting diseases and in chronic anemics.

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digestive troubles began so suddenly that they could give the exact

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One of the clinical accompaniments of disseminated sclerosis is

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lead-colic, the contrast to inflammatory pains is shown by the forcible

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Paris Medical Faculty, has been, by the express desire of the

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these valvular changes. At first these changes do not affect very

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death two years afterward she never saw a word. I foimd, on careful

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brownish or bluish non-vascularized nodules, sharply marked off

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ing on the surface, the seat of inoculation should be cauterized with a

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from attacks of measles or whooping-cough, the prognosis is rather

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was ascertained subsequently tliat many of these people came

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tetanus was due to a poison in the blood similar in its eflfects to that of

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to the samples of milk referred by the justices in disputed cises, and

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while the pressure is much better prevented by the soft uniform pro-

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cases, but both cases died of suppression. Unknown to me,

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what is called trigeminal neuralgia or tic douloureux of the face.

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patient under chloroform, and emptied the bladder; the

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COLLiEK, Mayo. MB.. F.R.r.?. (London). A paper with Illustrative speci-

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The names of several eligible candidates were mentioned, and

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be done in these cases, I believe, is to attempt to relieve the

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.arranged in groups in which the single bacilli run parallel to

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'from admixture or impurities. No other irritant poison was

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exclusively caused by something going wrong in a cerebral artery.

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least in its grouping. Hence, it presents us with a clinical picture

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^aiaii^ai i^ also toward morning. The headaches, as might be expected

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frequently at the pylorus, where it is a common cause of stenosis, and

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'' we fix the albumen to such an extent that cholera (which

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cells. They are described as rounded or oval in form, having a homo-

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the fact that in two or three cases, in which the operation

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owing to damage to this center. Affections of any part of the ear which

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scalpels," which have been made by JJown Bros., of London,

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